Our Company

Omnicia was founded in San Francisco's Biotech Bay in 2001 by life sciences industry veterans looking to simplify the increasingly complex global electronic submission process with innovative software solutions and expert consulting services. Our intuitive software electronically creates, publishes, and views compliant documents, reports, and eCTD submissions for US, EU, and CA review. Omnicia's integrated solution simplifies document creation and electronic publishing. Our product features reduce the high costs traditionally associated with file preparation and submission publishing to a more reasonable level for companies of all sizes.

Omnicia’s Expertise: Experienced and Respected Professionals
Our management team has over forty years of combined experience supporting leading biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies in:
  • Fully electronic, hybrid and paper publishing.
  • Electronic guidance interpretation and implementation.
  • FDA electronic submission negotiation.
  • Document management and record retention operations.
  • Regulatory affairs and clinical operations.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 interpretation and implementation.
  • Technology development, implementation, and validation.
Our Products
  • omniTEMPLATE
    OmniTEMPLATE is a comprehensive, intelligently designed authoring package built specifically for streamlining the document creation process while meeting the industry standards for ICH granularity.
  • omniFILE
    OmniFILE elegantly publishes documents, reports, and eCTD submissions for US, EU, and CA review. OmniFILE reduces implementation, validation, and ongoing system maintenance for the IT department
  • omniVIEW
    OmniVIEW is a stand-alone desktop application that supports eCTD lifecycle viewing and validating at any stage of drug development. We optimized our software specifically for the demands
  • omniASSIST
    In addition to our software solutions, Omnicia has a team of experienced professionals ready to assist sponsors at every stage of the document creation, formatting and publishing process. With OmniASSIST
Our Management Team
Reuben K. Jenkins
President and Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Board Member
With more than fifteen years of experience in the medical device and biopharmaceutical industry, Reuben Jenkins co-founded Omnicia, Inc. in 2001. As President and CEO in early 2002, Reuben has steered Omnicia to constant growth and innovation. He works closely with his executive management team and industry professionals in shaping Omnicia’s future strategies. Reuben Jenkins is a successful engineering graduate and entrepreneur who helped Omnicia move to the forefront of its complex, fluid, and fast-moving electronic regulatory field.
Peachy Dimanlig
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder and Board Member
Peachy co-founded Omnicia in 2001. With over 18 years of experience, Peachy has used her expertise in electronic publishing operations, electronic document management, and client support services to develop a truly intuitive and elegant software suite that easily adapts to the quickly evolving requirements of US, EU, and CA agencies. Peachy's efforts in education and support services with our clients world-wide are cementing Omnicia's position as a leader in technical support for the electronic publishing industry.
Wayne Leonard
Executive Vice President, Business Administration and Corporate Compliance and Co-Founder
Wayne has over 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industry. Wayne’s expertise in regulatory submissions operations, electronic document management, compliance, client support services, and sales were instrumental in creating and growing Omnicia's Professional Services group. Wayne ran Omnicia's Professional Services operations for well over a decade and has recently transitioned to the new role of Business Administration and Corporate Compliance.
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